LOVE ISLAND  Trailer feat. "Found Love"

😱 Crazy moment for us... We Found Love on Love Island ❤️

Super proud & happy to announce that Love Island and ITV2 (UK) picked our song „Found Love“ as the theme for the launch campaign of the new season 2018🙏 Big Love to all of you great people involved 💋

NEW RELEASE 12.01.2018

Roger Martin’s debut Single “Waterfalls” reached 15 Million streams on Spotify and was added to 140 playlists worldwide. His third track “Found Love” promises to top these numbers. “Found Love” is the ultimate party, dance hit with a high recognition value. The chorus and vocals originate from the 90’s party hit “Now that we found love” from Heavy D & The Boyz. So join the party and enjoy early summer feelings in January. 


Out today! CLOSE ENCOUNTERS - Roger Martin feat. Maurice

After reaching over 12 million streams on Spotify with our song „Waterfalls“ we are happy to release our new single CLOSE ENCOUNTERS.

Download or Stream it here:


Big thanks to our awesome team at Sony Music! Special thanks to Dan Worden, Dirk Mertins, David May, Thomas Hof.


magic moments .... more than 380'000 plays on spotify within two weeks :-)





We are very happy to present the official videoclip of „WATERFALLS“.

If you like the song download or stream it here:


Big thanks to everyone involved for making this possible!