His single, 'Waterfalls' (feat. Maurice), was a musical invitation to allow your thoughts to drift away to paradise. To date, Roger Martin's 'Waterfalls' has notched up over 16 million streams on Spotify and has been included in over 140 playlists. 'Found Love' is well on its way to topping these figures and is an absolute dance banger that people will recognise on first hearing: after all, the lyrics of the chorus are taken from the 90s party hit 'Now that we found love'.

The British television channel ITV2’s dating show 'Love Island' hand-picked 'Found Love' for the show’s advertising campaign until the show airs come June. So it is no surprise that 'Found Love' is already on the playlists of major radio stations such as Radio One, Capital FM, and Kiss FM. The track peaked at No. 4 in the German iTunes dance charts and at No. 1 in Switzerland. In Italy, the track is already on rotation on over 50 stations. The fact that it is being used as the track for the 'Love Island' ad campaign underlines once more that it is the perfect theme song for the summer.

DJ and producer Roger Martin, who lives in Berikon in the canton of Aargau, has loved music for as long as he can remember. He has built up a sound reputation at national and international level with both his own club hits and incredible sets supporting Kylie Minogue, Alicia Keys, Gossip, Roxette, and Katy Perry. Quick success has never been his goal; instead he has worked hard to continuously develop and improve, playing himself into the top league of the Swiss DJ scene.

He had no idea that 'Waterfalls' would become the most successful of his catalogue of over 30 tracks. The ongoing collaboration with Maurice (the singer and co-writer of DJ Antoine's massive European hit 'Ma Chérie') seems to have been both inspiring and fruitful for the two singles that followed, 'Close Encounters' and 'Found Love'.


One thing is certain: Roger Martin has succeeded in doing what very few Swiss DJs or electronic acts before him have managed: to unlock the doors to international success, which are often closed tight, with homemade Swiss productions.